Holy Rosary Society

The Rosary Society is a spiritual organization whose primary focus is prayer and honoring the Blessed Mother through the recitation of the rosary while leading it's members to a deepening of their Catholic faith.

Members recite the rosary each day of May & October following the 8:00 AM morning Mass. They also attend First Friday Mass each month and recite the rosary after Mass. Members participate in a Living Rosary in October, the Month of the Rosary. They also host the "Toy Booth" at our annual Parish festival in August.

Women are welcome to join the society to honor Our Lady and to provide service to the parish. The Holy Rosary Society meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:00 PM. The meetings alternate each month between the Lyceum on Pangolin Street and the Social Center on Townsend Street. Members must be practicing Catholics.