A Religious Community is Formed

A Religious Community is Formed

While observing Angela Truszkowska and the young women who had joined her, as well as all the good works they were doing, Father Benjamin Szymanski, the provincial minister of the Capuchins, considered the prospect of their becoming a religious community in the Church. Father Kozminski was apppointed as the director of the institute with the added responsibility of formulating a rule of life for these women.

Soon the Institute of Miss Truszkowska took its place in the Church as a relgious community in formation. Angela realized her vocation and her destiny in God's plan. Her natural gifts, family upbringing, education, qualities of leadership and organizational skills naturally led to her role as Superior General in the new community.

As Spiritual Mother, her deep prayer life, personal holiness, and compassionate concern for others became the hallmark of her role as leader. The Felician Sisters were Poland's first active-contemplative community of religious women. They were innovative in organization, leadership and in service roles in their homeland and in mission fields.

Angela was elected Superior General of the Congregation for three successive terms. The many responsibilities, challenges, difficulties, and health problems prompted the Foundress to withdraw from administration of the Congregation at the age of forty-four in 1869.

Her remaining thirty years were spent in prayer, work, and suffering. She endured a progressive loss of hearing which seriously hindered her relationships in the Congregation. She also endured excruciating headaches and malignant tumors which restricted her active involvement in community life. During this time, she worked in the garden and greenhouse, and sewed liturgical vestments, altar cloths, and chasubles.

Mother Angela died in the Provincial Home in Krakow on October 10, 1899 and was buried in the chapel adjoining the convent. On April 18, 1993, Mother Angela was beatified during a Mass of Beatification in St. Peter's Piazza in Vatican City.

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