Beatification and the Process of Canonization

Beatification and the Process of Canonization

The Felician Sisters opened the preliminary process of inquiry into the life and holiness of Mary Angela on October 29, 1949. It is not easy to named a saint by the Church. The procedure consists of two processes, beatification and canonization.

His Holiness John Paul II officially recognized Mother Angela for her outstanding virtues and life of holiness. He raised her to the rank of Blessed on April 18, 1993. Following this act of the Church, many people began to seek her assistance in prayer. That number continues to grow to this day.

A Miracle Occurs
One of the first stages in the Process of Inquiry toward canonization is an investigation into an alleged miracle. The Diocese of Buffalo was privileged to participate in an investigation when a miraculous healing occurred to Lillian Halasinski on January 2,1984, through the intercession of Blessed Mary Angela.

Lillian Halasinski, a life long resident of Dunkirk, New York, suffered from diabetic neuropathy, a condition that was medically incurable. She was introduced to Mary Angela Truszkowska by Sister Mary Leocretia Laskowski. Sister Leocretia often visited Mrs. Halasinski in Brooks Memorial Hospital, brought her communion and gave her a picture of Mary Angela. Sister Leocretia encouraged Mrs. Halasinski to pray to Mary Angela. According to Lillian, she prayed to Mary Angela every day from that time. On January 4, 1984, Lillian sat in her home in Dunkirk crying from extreme pain and praying for relief. It was at that time that Lillian felt the presence of Mary Angela, experienced a beautiful sense of quiet and peace, and suddenly was well.

The Process of Inquiry into the alleged instantaneous cure of Lillian Halasinski in January, 1984 through the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God, Mother Mary Angela,took place from February 10 to August 15, 1986 in Buffalo, New York. The inquiry was conducted under the jurisdiction of Bishop Edward D. Head, Ordinary of the Diocese of Buffalo. Bernardino da Siena, Postulator of Mother Mary Angela's cause, also came from Rome, Italy, to participate in the proceedings. Sister Mary Antonelle Dziechciarz, Vice-Postulator in America was also present, along with other witnesses as required by the noms. Sister Antonelle conducted the preliminary investigation into the claimed miracle and gathered the materials and reports of the case and submtted them to Rome.

The Felician Sister are actively promoting the Cause of the Canonization of Blessed Mary Angela. They are spreading knowledge of her throughout the world by the distribution of newsletters and publications, medals and holy cards. They are spreading devotion to her during group meetings, and by seeking out and investigating alleged miraculous cures that may further Blessed Angela's cause for canonization.

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