Grounds Committee and Decorations

Blessed Mary Angela Parishioners involved in caring for the grounds and decorations for the various spiritual seasons and feast days are the silent hands that create the spiritual reflections of each season. All participants are involved with a spirit of unity, ideas, and a desire to reflect the Glory of God in each season and task. Many tasks are labor intensive, with a need for many hands.

The need for volunteers does not end with the seasonal decorations. Many times there are maintenance tasks that are unseen, but must be performed. Ceiling lights have light bulbs that must be replaced, windows and Stations of the Cross must be dusted. Flowers need watering both inside and on the grounds at both the St. Hyacinth & St. Hedwig Worship sites. Additional help with the numerous unseen tasks are always welcome.

The tasks described are but a few of the many needs our worship sites require. Please volunteer to assist the workers. One hand cannot accomplish what is needed, but many hands can work wonders. Contact Fr. Matt at 366-7266 if you are interested in volunteering to help keep the parish worship sites looking beautiful.